Royalty Free Stock Maid Clipart by Alex Bannykh

  1. Running Green Bucket Splashing Water on White
  2. Little Blond White Girl Happily Washing Dishes in a Soapy Kitchen Sink
  3. Man in Overalls Sweeping a Floor
  4. Cartoon Happy Woman Sweeping up a Mess with a Broom
  5. Coloring Page Outline Design of a Boy Talking to a Sink
  6. Airbrushed Man Sweeping a Floor with a Broom and Green Hat
  7. Coloring Page Outline of a Janitor Man Sweeping a Floor
  8. Stubborn Girl That Doesn
  9. Stubborn Girl in Pink Clothes Looking at Cleaning Supplies
  10. Coloring Page Outline of Cinderella Doing Chores Around the House
  11. Happy Housewife Sweeping up a Mess
  12. Happy Outlined and Colored Toucan Bird Perched on a Branch
  13. Black and White and Colored Happy Doxie Dog Walking
  14. Scenes of Santa and His Bag by Chimneys